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" Congratulations to you for visiting www.drniki.com. This is the beginning of your journey towards wealth, health, happiness and success. Once again congratulations! Please pat yourself on your shoulder! "

" Growth and true success begin by asking questions. Let's start by answering this important '7 success questions'.

1. Do you know exactly what your goal is, how to achieve it and by when?
2. Can you break down your activities into specific daily & weekly action plans, so that you can achieve that goal?
3. Do you have more than one way to constantly motivate yourself to achieve your goal with joy?
4. Have you mastered all the important skills in order to excel in your activities towards getting the goal?
5. Do you have habits (consistent actions) that will raise your standards everytime?
6. Are you acting like a master of your destiny or just a victim of circumstance?
7. Are you preparing yourself to succeed globally? "

" If you have hesitation in answering the above questions, now is the time to start planning for your future. True success in life requires 100% committment, planning, focus, dedication and discipline. Action creates results. "