How To Earn Millions By Selling From The Heart


Dr Niki's RPJ Rahsia Penjual Juara is a result-oriented programme to increase the productivity of Sales Professionals and their achievement of sales targets. Participants will be introduced to the Master Closer Wheel and the Key Skills of the Master Closer which are Power Communication, Instant Rapport, Listening Skills, Verbal Tai-chi, They will also master the Niki Shuhada Presentation (NSP), the proven and effective 5-step selling process in getting the customer to buy 99.9% of the time. It's about empowering sales individual and the sales team with key competency skills to excel in promoting products and services and to present it to suit what the clients want, so that sales are closed on the spot.

Programme Objectives

How will participants benefit?

  1. Tremendously increased level of communication skills and confidence levels.
  2. Enhanced level of commitment towards individual sales, activities and targets.
  3. Emergence of the innovative salesmanship – new ways to be creative in selling.
  4. Sales professionals will better understand the requirements and expectations of their roles and responsibilities, and be more accountable as well as responsible for their actions and results.
  5. Participants will be motivated internally to work and contribute as a powerful sales professional.
  6. Participants will be able to have the skill to perform the NSP and close the sale on the spot.
  7. Increase and improve the level of customer service.

Who should attend?

Those in the profession or looking to improve in the area of selling, marketing or leading a sales team. CEOs and leaders of sales organizations are particularly invited to join. We encourage the entire sales team to attend to ignite the passion to sell and synergise in supporting each other to excel.


Participants will be involved in a hands-on, highly inspiring learning environment. Through Dr Niki's innovative and unique training style, participants will be learning the key skills in a subconscious learning environment. Paticipants will go through the phases of Transformation, Empowerment and Integration.